April 25th - 27th, 2018

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Grand Hyatt DFW
Dallas / fort worth International airport
dallas, texas


We believe that the hallmark of a good conference encompasses timely information, education and tools that bring value to your business.


But to truly take a conference to the next level requires interaction between participants; the sharing of ideas, the struggles of doing business, things that are working, things that aren’t working, and everything in between.  Our goal is to have quality speakers present on topics that are meaningful in different ways, whether it’s best business practices, motivational, and even spiritual.

Our goal is simple - you walk out of the conference with something that makes you better!  As your business partner, we want you to be successful.  Our success is directly tied to the health and success of your business.  So, anything we can do to help you benefits us both.

Think about it - people like doing business with successful people!  Everything changes when you are riding the wave of success, whether it is clients that are drawn to you because you don’t have to make that next sale, or the notion that you don’t have to take on a client that’s really not a good fit for your business.  It’s about perception and attitude!  I’m not talking about arrogance, I’m talking about confidence.  Knowing that you have the right knowledge, tools and support is what drives that confidence, and that is what we plan on delivering at this year’s annual conference.

Come join us for a fast paced, informative, and enlightening conference and walk away with the “Sowell Swagger”!


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